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Next Dem Debate to Focus on Human Rights

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Reiff Center For Human Rights and Conflict Resolution or Christopher Newport University.

Tonight @8pm ET, CBS will partner with Twitter to host the second Democratic primary debate under the hashtag #DemDebate.  This live event will feature former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, US Senator Bernie Sanders, and Maryland governor Martin O’Malley.  The candidates, narrowed to 3 since the last televised debate, are expected to focus on social issues pertaining to human rights.

Equality for marginalized groups such as women, Latinos, LGBT individuals, and African-Americans will be at the forefront of the debate.  Income inequality will be a hot topic discussed and criminal justice reform is also expected to make the spotlight in the midst of mounting pressure from the #BlackLivesMatter social movement.  All the potential nominees share parallel views on most of the issues.  However, which candidate will convince the American people that they are best suited to deal with these problems?

Here are the their views.  You decide.



Hillary Clinton

If women’s rights are important to you, the former New York Senator and US Secretary of State may be your ideal candidate.  As a mother and grandmother, Clinton has long advocated for equal pay as well as paternity leave for women.  If elected, she would be the first American female president.


Bernie Sanders

Sanders, a social media phenomenon, is the clear favorite among young progressive voters.  He has been one of the few candidates to openly oppose Wall Street and the top 1%.  In addition to being hostile towards the financial and banking sectors, the US Senator from Vermont believes health and education are human rights.  If your biggest worries are economic injustice and the dissolution of the middle class, Sanders might be the candidate for you.



Martin O’Malley

As the governor of Maryland, O’Malley came into the national spotlight after riots in Baltimore erupted in reaction to the alleged murder of Freddy Grey at the hands of local police.  These events have sparked a growing concern over the militarization of the police and highlighted America’s broken criminal justice system, which has a disproportional minority population, especially among African-Americans.  O’Malley has promised to mend the nation through major criminal justice reforms that would focus on drastically decreasing incarceration rates.



Disclaimer: “The views expressed in this post solely reflect the author’s opinion, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Reiff Center or Christopher Newport University.”