On Wednesday, September 13th, Reiff Center Director Dr. Suparna Chaudhry  led a professional development workshop for CNU students who were interested in learning more about being successful in the field of Human Rights. She was joined by the Director of the CNU Center for Career Planning, Libby Westley, and countless students of CNU that evening, all excited to hear what she had to say about careers in Human Rights. There was not a seat left open, and everyone sat attentive with pen and paper to take notes.

Dr. Chaudhry made many excellent points that evening, all surrounding the basic idea that human rights is a versatile field. That right, folks. Interested in statistics? Community development? Economics? Writing? Talking with people? If so, there’s a place for you in Human Rights.

She stressed the importance of attending networking events because that’s where professionals might be more likely to strike up a conversation and be more relaxed. She also mentioned key pointers to scoring a great internship or full-time career: practice your elevator pitch, always send a follow-up, and learn to be concise but informative.

Image Courtesy of Pexels
Image Courtesy of Pexels

The other big takeaway: “Your workday isn’t always 9-5.” This is especially true for organizations and non-profits that focus on grassroots movements. If experiencing a fast-paced, ever evolving environment interests you, then you might just have a place in Human Rights.

Below is a list of organizations Dr. Chaudhry mentioned in her workshop that offer internships and full-time positions at various times of the year (click to visit their websites!):

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