The Reiff Center seeks to raise awareness of the horrors of genocide, human rights violations and conflict and to study ways to overcome these scourges by examining the international and national application of human rights, conflict resolution, and peace studies. To this end, the Reiff Center sponsors educational programs, curricular development, conferences, and public events, service and leadership opportunities, and research for affiliated faculty and students.


As a non-partisan Center, the Reiff Center builds upon CNU’s liberal arts mission. The Center’s goals and activities include:

  • Enhancing CNU’s undergraduate curriculum in human rights, genocide studies, conflict and peace studies, and conflict resolution, including study abroad trips and service-based learning
  • Supporting undergraduate and faculty scholarship in the aforementioned areas
  • Organizing conferences and public events designed to raise awareness of the horrors of genocide, conflict and human rights violations as well as the ways to overcome these issues
  • Finding ways to increase student engagement beyond the academic curriculum through internships, volunteer opportunities, and research projects