Hundreds of people continue to arrive each day in Kibati. 2 million people are now displaced across the DRC; the highest figure the country has seen since 2009. 

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  Images of men crouching with machine guns. Pictures of lifeless bodies in villages. Child soldiers, warlords, and massive carnage. Chances are, these are probably some of the first things you think of when you hear about the Congo. The DR Congo or Democratic Republic of Congo seems to be rife with human rights issues….

Where will the Iran Deal lead us?
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  On September 10th CNU’s Reiff Center, the Center for American Studies, and the United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula featured a panel of experts who presented arguments for and against the adoption of the contentious Iran deal. CNU’s Dr. Nathan Busch provided the audience with a brief background on the Iran agreement, highlighting…

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  Quite possibly one of the most contentious issues in world politics as of late, the Iranian Nuclear Deal has thoroughly divided Americans. Depending upon the individual you talk to, people have either praised the diplomatic acumen of the Obama administration or likened it to Chamberlain’s appeasement policy towards Hitler. Regardless of the current backlash…

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  American diplomacy has always been a cornerstone of American presence abroad, as we hold embassies or consulates in 190 countries, managing over 300 diplomatic missions. Career Diplomats are some of the most prestigious and well respected members of the United States Government. Working in tandem with US security forces, US diplomats protect and represent…

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  The brutality of the most recent killing  of a Jordanian air force pilot  by the terrorist group ISIS has shocked the world, even after multiple beheadings and other news of barbaric and systematic human rights violations. This begs the question: why are human beings so ruthless, so cruel, so brutal; killing without empathy for the…

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    With John D’Angelo. There is still a lot we don’t know about Wednesday’s attack on the satirical magazine at Charlie Hebdo, discussed in yesterday’s blog post. What we do know is this: besides killing twelve people, these terrorists have attacked fundamental human rights, specifically the right to freedom of speech, expression, and press. The…

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  With Daniel Falcone. My time in Paris was a beautiful and amazing experience. I climbed the Eiffel Tower, saw the Louvre, and the majestic arches of Notre Dame. Even so, there exists an overtone of a focus on security in the city. As I walked down the escalator on the Métro, I encountered a…

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  On November 6th, the Reiff center at Christopher Newport University in conjunction with the Alexander Hamilton Society and the Center for American Studies at CNU had a panel of experts give insight into the current conflict in the Ukraine. These experts were Christopher Newport University’s very own, Dr. Tatiana Rizova, along with Dr. Gerard…

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  This past week, the Reiff Center had the great honor of hosting a spectacular event, regarding the future of armed conflict. We would like to thank all of the people who came together to make this event a success: The World Affairs Council of Greater Hampton Roads, whose generous support is always greatly appreciated…

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  Before I begin writing about the details of the speaker, I have to first relate a quick anecdote. I remember having a discussion with a friend about the recent bombing in Israel and Palestine and he said something that still registers with me today, “Its hard to pick a side to hate because both…