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Since the new millennium, few global issues have taken a more prominent place in the American zeitgeist than the ever vague ‘conflict in the Middle East’. From the invasion of Iraq to the toppling of Gaddafi to the Syrian civil war, the American public has been inundated with images and field reports from throughout region….

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On Wednesday, September 13th, Reiff Center Director Dr. Suparna Chaudhry  led a professional development workshop for CNU students who were interested in learning more about being successful in the field of Human Rights. She was joined by the Director of the CNU Center for Career Planning, Libby Westley, and countless students of CNU that evening, all…

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  On July 15th 2016 just before 11:00 pm, the country of Turkey experienced its fifth military coup in the past 60 years. However, this illegal attempt to overthrow the government was different from the others, and there is still missing information regarding what happened. This post analyzes the causes of the coup by examining Turkey’s…

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  I remember when I was much younger that fall always marked a time of change and festivity. In elementary school, I recall drawing pumpkins, making hand turkeys, and hearing about the same stories that were at the core of the American mythos. Dashing heroes down on their luck, which were able to rise to…

What is the future of the Middle East? Source: Wajahat Mahmood, Creative Commons
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  The current state of the Middle East is one of the most chaotic and turbulent times in modern history – with the rise of ISIS and other militant groups, ethnic tensions and conflicts within countries, and a failure of governance in not one, but many of the Middle Eastern countries. Last week, The Reiff…

Where will the Iran Deal lead us?
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  On September 10th CNU’s Reiff Center, the Center for American Studies, and the United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula featured a panel of experts who presented arguments for and against the adoption of the contentious Iran deal. CNU’s Dr. Nathan Busch provided the audience with a brief background on the Iran agreement, highlighting…

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  Quite possibly one of the most contentious issues in world politics as of late, the Iranian Nuclear Deal has thoroughly divided Americans. Depending upon the individual you talk to, people have either praised the diplomatic acumen of the Obama administration or likened it to Chamberlain’s appeasement policy towards Hitler. Regardless of the current backlash…

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  American diplomacy has always been a cornerstone of American presence abroad, as we hold embassies or consulates in 190 countries, managing over 300 diplomatic missions. Career Diplomats are some of the most prestigious and well respected members of the United States Government. Working in tandem with US security forces, US diplomats protect and represent…

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  This past week, The Reiff Center was honored to co-sponsor an event dealing with the sensitive, but critical issue of Race. An event entitled Lessons from Ferguson: Race, Law Enforcement and the Potential Abuse of Power explored various aspects of the issues of race and law in the Ferguson crisis, inviting perspectives from a…

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   By Ann Joyce. During my senior year at Christopher Newport University I helped found Students Moving America (SMA), a nonprofit organization focused on empowering students to take positive action in their communities. My co-founder Donald Hair was also a senior at the time and had worked with me on President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign….