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  Building off of the momentum generated by the Iran nuclear deal, some have considered whether the East Asian political climate is ripe for the resumption of nuclear negotiations with North Korea. While the extensive “Six-party” talks were unsuccessful, a general deterioration of Chinese-North Korean relations has upset the relationship between the two states, in…

Where will the Iran Deal lead us?
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  On September 10th CNU’s Reiff Center, the Center for American Studies, and the United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula featured a panel of experts who presented arguments for and against the adoption of the contentious Iran deal. CNU’s Dr. Nathan Busch provided the audience with a brief background on the Iran agreement, highlighting…

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  Quite possibly one of the most contentious issues in world politics as of late, the Iranian Nuclear Deal has thoroughly divided Americans. Depending upon the individual you talk to, people have either praised the diplomatic acumen of the Obama administration or likened it to Chamberlain’s appeasement policy towards Hitler. Regardless of the current backlash…