By Erin Peake

Christopher Nepwort University is full of young activists who want to do their part in helping the world bit by bit. Philanthropy, charity, awareness building, research, and many other examples demonstrate the way in which CNU students are actively becoming leaders in their community, country, and world. The Reiff Center at CNU would like to congratulate all of the great work done by our school’s students this past semester. Below find ten examples of CNU’s hard work, and realize that this is just a small cross section of our student’s efforts to expand and fight for Human Rights.




Photo: CNU Photos


1). Freshman Convocation


On this day every year, not only do new students truly become Captains, but also they promise to uphold the values of not lying, stealing, or cheating, that help them become honorable community members.  From here on out, the good work of the student body begins.



Photo: Ben Leistensnider


2). IFC Lip Sync


In this event, put on by the Inter-Fraternal Council, groups gave an excellent lip sync show to the masses in attendance. At the end of the competition, all proceeds were given to Fear 2 Freedom, a non-profit created by Rosemary Trible that aids survivors of sexual assault and educates that public on ‘being the change.’



Photo: Ben Leistensnider


3). CNU Athletics’ Kids First Day


This wonderful tradition of community outreach focuses on children in the area. CNU athletes woke up early on the first day of school for children in the area to wish them a great first day and remind drivers to be vigilant.



Photo: The Captains Log



4). Alpha Phi Alpha’s Stroll to the Polls


The third annual Stroll to the Polls competition brought the student body together and raised money for March of Dimes, a non-profit that aims to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. In addition, the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha encouraged voter awareness to boost involvement and community action.



Photo: CNU Photos



5). CNU Engage Day One of Service


This special event is called Day One of Service because not only are all PLP freshmen invited to partake in community service for the day, but also it initiates the habit of student’s humanitarian involvement in the surrounding area.  CNU students visited many different organizations and made lasting impacts all within one day.




Photo: Ben Leistensnider



6). Pre-Med Scholars’ Pie a Professor


In this event, put on by the Pre-Med Scholars group, students were able to pay to pie their favorite professors. All proceeds went to the critical cause of brain cancer research and awareness.  Not only were the students offered a fun afternoon, but a great deed was done as well.



Photo: Ben Leistensnider



7). Gamma Phi Beta’s Beta Bubble Bowl


A brand new tradition for the CNU campus, Beta Bubble Bowl was more than your average soccer tournament. ‘Zorb Soccer’ involves the use of giant inflatable domes around the player’s body as they compete in the game and makes for a hilarious show. Not only was the CNU community brought together, but all proceeds were given to Girls on the Run, a foundation that builds confidence and strength in young women.



Photo: Will Burch


8). Alpha Phi’s Red Dress Gala


This annual gala, featuring hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction, raffles and more, welcomed the community to a formal philanthropic evening. This year, the event raised a total of $21,078, which went towards the Alpha Phi Foundation. The Alpha Phi Foundation is a non-profit organization and is dedicated to advancing women’s lives and heart health through the power of research and philanthropy.



Photo: Ben Leistensnider



9). CNU Engage’s Food for Thought Campaign


This event focused specifically on the peninsula area that surrounds campus. Acknowledging that poverty and hunger are very real issues, groups from CNU were able to sign up and take part in a food drive that donated to the area Foodbank and made a lasting impact on those in need.



Photo: Ben Leistensnider



10).  Evangelical Preacher meets Spectrum


The most humanitarian deeds are often not charity work or monetary donations at all. In this image, two traditionally dissimilar organizations were able to share their values and openly communicate the diversity that Christopher Newport offers, without imposing on each other’s freedoms. Spectrum communicated their acceptance and love while the visiting preacher communicated his deep faith and religion.  In the end, the messages of cooperation spoke the loudest.


Human rights advancement takes on many forms, and yet we all work towards the same goals of justice and equality. CNU students begin their journey towards making a better world on our campus, and their experiences will mold them into the leaders this world needs. The Reiff Center hopes that these efforts will continue and grow in the future, and we can’t wait to recap Spring 2016!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Reiff Center For Human Rights and Conflict Resolution or Christopher Newport University.